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國立清華大學資訊工程學系 NTHU Department of Computer Science


1. Learn the concept of Personal Communications Service Systems.

2. Specifically, study the operation of mobile systems and protocols used in Taiwan, e.g., SS7, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, etc.

3. Study how to implement mobile applications. Students will be asked to implement a SIP-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service.

二、指定用書 (Text Book

三、參考書籍 (References

 1. 個人通訊服務網路,賴薇如編,維科圖書有限公司。

 2. Wireless and Mobile Network Architectures,Yi-Bing Lin and Imrich Chlamtac,Wiley Computer Publishing。

 3. Wireless and Mobile All-IP Networks,Yi-Bing Lin and Ai-Chun Pang,Wiley Computer Publishing。

 4. WCDMA for UMTS,John Wiley & Sons。

 5. UMTS Networks – Architecture, Mobility and Services, John Wiley & Sons。

 6. Evolved Packet System – The LTE and SAE Evolution of 3G UMTS,John Wiley & Sons。


四、授課老師 (Teacher

楊舜仁 教授


五、教學方式 (Teaching Method



 1. 個人通訊服務簡介 (Introduction to Personal Communications Services)

 2. 電信網路信令協定 (Telecommunication Signaling Protocol)

 3.GSM系統 (GSM System)

 4. Voice over Internet Protocol

      –RTP, RTCP


 5. GPRS 系統簡介 (GPRS System Overview)

 6. UMTS 簡介 (Introduction to UMTS)

 7. 高速封包存取 (High Speed Packet Access)

 8. UMTS All-IP 網路 (UMTS All IP Networks)

 9. The LTE and SAE Evolution of 3G UMTS

10. Femtocell

11. Machine-to-Machine Communications

12. Performance modeling/evaluation issues within the above different topics

七、成績考核 (Grading

 1. 期中考 (25%)

 2. 3 Programming Projects (40%=10%+15%+15%)

 3. 期末口頭報告 (15%)

 4. 期末書面報告 (20%)

八、課程連結綱址 (Web Links

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