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國立清華大學資訊工程學系 NTHU Department of Computer Science
Objective-C 與智慧手機程式設計


 1. iPhone is a great device (3G, WiFi, Blue-Tooth, Near Field, GPS, Compass, Accerometer, Cameras, Mic, Multi-Touch, Video/Graphics Accelerator…)


 2. Put what you have learned (and will learn) into good real-world use (languages, data structure, database, algorithm, software engineering,  multimedia signal processing, communication…)


 3. Objective-C is a very good object-oriented programming language while Xcode is an excellent integrated software development environment


 4. APPs store is a proven infrastructure for your realized-innovations to reach multiple-hundred-million users using billions of devices, and get rewarded (impact, not necessarily just $$) quickly with minimal non-technical effort


 5. Very likely your job function will include APPs writing



二、指定用書 (Text Book


三、參考書籍 (References

1. Programming in Objective-C 2.0, 2nd ed, Stephen G. Kochan, Addison Wesley


  • Video
  • Documents
  • Sample codes

3. YouTube: thenewboston

  • Objective C Programming Tutorial (65 videos)
  • iPhone Development Tutorial (37 videos)

4. iTunes U

  •  Stanford
  • RWTH Aachen
  • UC Davis 


四、授課老師 (Teacher

林永隆 教授


四、教學方式 (Teaching Method


 1. Introduction to programming

 2. Object-oriented programming paradigms 

 3. Objective-C programming language 

 4. Software development methodology and environment 

 5. Programming iPhone applications 

 6. Projects & Demonstration to the Public

六、成績考核 (Grading

 1. Report on reading assignments 

 2. Lab

 3. Project Report and Demo 


七、課程連結綱址 (Web Links


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